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Frequently Asked Questions:

When is my progress report due?

Progress reports are due either quarterly or semi-annually, depending on the grant award amount. Grantees receiving less than or equal to $250,000 report semi-annually, and grantees receiving greater than $250,000 report quarterly. Reporting requirements are specified in the grantees duties section of the contract. Please refer to the Reporting Requirements section under your grant recipients page for more details.

Where do I locate the progress report form?

Progress reports can be found on our web site on the Downloads page under "Reporting Materials for Grant Recipients."

When can I apply for an ADFP Trust Fund grant?

Since the ADFP Trust Fund depends on funding from the North Carolina General Assembly, we cannot guarantee that we will have an application period every year. Historically, applications are made available in the early fall and due in the beginning of December. Applications will be available on our web site. Check our web site for updates or call our office to inquire about the application timeline.

Where can I find the application?

The application is now available in an online format. Check our web site for updates or call our office to inquire about the application timeline.

When will I be notified if my application has been selected for funding?

Contracts begin October 1 following the December that applications are due. Notification will depend on several factors, but grantees are typically notified that they have been selected as soon as funding is secured. Call the office if you have any specific questions.

What happens after I turn in my application?

After your application is received, it will be scored based on content. Then, depending on score and several other factors, your application may be reviewed further in the form of an interview (for plans and projects) or a farm visit (for easements). Applicants who make it to this next step will be scored again. Then both scores are added and compared to like projects in like regions. Staff will discuss and make a recommendation to the ADFP Trust Fund Advisory Committee chaired by the Commissioner of Agriculture. Ultimately, the Commissioner makes the final decision.

How do I request an extension?

TThe first step to requesting an extension is to submit a letter requesting the extension, addressed to the ADFP Trust Fund Program Manager. Include in the letter the date you are requesting to extend until and your reason for the extension. Also include a revised timeline to reflect the requested contract end date. If your extension is approved, you will receive two sets of paperwork that must be signed and returned to the ADFP Trust Fund office before your extension is finalized. It is important that you ask for your extension BEFORE your contract end date.

What do I need to submit in order to receive a reimbursement check for expenses?

You must submit a Request for Reimbursement form along with all documentation regarding the expenses. You must also make sure that you have already submitted all due Progress Reports and Budget Reports. You are entitled to one Initial Payment of up to $25,000 or 90% of your grant, whichever is less, without expense documentation.

How and when do I create a budget report?

Budget Reports are due on a quarterly or semi-annual basis, as is designated in the grant contract. Budget Reports are not cumulative. They are to represent only the expenses from that quarter or 6-month period. The Budget Report form is located on our web site on the Downloads page under "Reporting Materials for Grant Recipients."

How do I make revisions to my budget?

The Budget Revision Request form is located on our web site on the Downloads page under "Reporting Materials for Grant Recipients." Any change amount above 10% requires a budget revision request. Adding or deleting a line item also requires a budget revision request.

How long does it take to get a check once I submit the necessary paperwork?

Allow up to twenty (20) working days to receive your payment.

How will I receive my payment?

Most grant payments will be electronic, with the exception of closing checks which will be paper checks.

How much of my total grant amount can I request before the end of the grant contract?

You can receive up to 90% of your total grant amount, as long as you show proper documentation. To receive the final 10% of your grant, you must submit documentation to show that you have also achieved the minimum amount of matching funds.

If I have an upcoming closing date for a conservation easement, what do I need to do to receive a check by the closing date?

To receive up to 90% of the grant amount, you must submit a Request for Reimbursement, along with supporting documentation of expenditures, including an updated appraisal, at least four (4) weeks prior to the closing date. In order to receive 100% of the grant amount, you must also submit all due Progress Reports, Budget Reports, and Matching and In-Kind Documentation. The closing checklist is available on our web site on the Downloads page under "Reporting Materials for Grant Recipients."

Who can I speak with if I have any further budget questions?

The Budget Officer for the ADFP Grant Fund is Allison Rodriguez – email her at - (919) 707-3073


North Carolina Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund
2 West Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 707-3071

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