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Join Commissioner Troxler and the ADFP Trust Fund staff in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the ADFP Trust Fund!

In March 2005, Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler delivered his "Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Strategy" to the General Assembly.

Governor Mike Easley signed House Bill 607 into law on September 13, 2005, establishing the North Carolina Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund.

Since 2005, the ADFP Trust Fund has preserved 10,321 acres of farms and forest lands. There have been 90 conservation easements projects awarded.

The ADFP Trust Fund has provided funding for 47 agricultural development projects, including farmers markets, livestock facilities, marketing programs, shared-use equipment programs, and other agriculture and agribusiness initiatives.

Additionally, funding from the ADFP Trust Fund has established 15 Voluntary Agricultural Districts programs and 38 Farmland Protection Plans for counties throughout the state.

Link: Commissioner Troxler speaks about the 10th anniversary of the ADFP Trust Fund


North Carolina Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund
2 West Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 707-3071

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